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Fishing at Sunny Bank Farm


Fishing in peaceful solitude at Sunny Bank

Fishing on Coniston Water - free with a rod licence!


Along the shore at Sunny Bank there is excellent fishing to be had. Pike up to 10 lbs regularly come out. This season's best was a lovely 7lb pike caught on a lure from the shore. According to the angler (a regular fisherman at Sunny Bank), it fought ferociously! As well as the usual coarse fish such as roach there are large perch and brown trout. The latter are all wild and grow to a decent size; the largest last season was 3 lbs and again fell to a lure. 

In the central depths of the lake, with the right technique, you may be lucky enough to hook a rare arctic char. These are only found in deep, cold, glacial lakes, but are a regular catch here for local farmers.

The picturesque and bucolic surroundings make fishing at Sunny Bank a truly enjoyable experience. 

See below for some recent successes at Sunny Bank


This won the prize for 2018 - the pike was roasted and eaten for lunch

Pike caught in Coniston Water

This large pike from 2017 was subsequently turned into delicious 'Pike Paté'

Perch caught in Coniston Water

A decent size perch - hooked in 2017


Another 2018 catch - smaller by far than "the one that got away"!

Brown trout caught in Coniston Water

A brown trout, shown off by a very proud fisherman

See the National Park Code of Conduct for more information about fishing in the Lake District 

As with all UK waters, you need a rod licence - you can buy one for 1 day, 8 days or 12 months from any post office, or online.

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