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Fun on the lake

Canoeing on Coniston Water

Enjoying a peaceful moment in the Sunny Bank canoes

Private lake access provides endless enjoyment opportunities, for all ages and abilities - without any need for a car!

The beauty of staying at Sunny Bank is that you can head off down to the lake at a moment's notice, any time of the day - it's waiting for you.

Hire the Sunny Bank boats and paddle or row out to the middle of the lake for stunning views of the fells, then land and explore Peel Island, to discover Arthur Ransome's inspiration for his Swallows and Amazons books.

Or bring your own sailing boats, windsurfers, kayaks - where better to get the best possible use out of them! We holiday at Sunny Bank every year and spend almost all our time onsite, enjoying the lake. You can see some of what we get up to below - have you tried any of these?

Kite-surfind on Coniston Water


Sailing on Coniston Water

2 toppers for twice the fun!

Girls jumping.jpg

Jumping off Peel Island

Windsurfing on Coniston Water


Boating own island.jpg

"I'm the King of the Castle!"

Kayaking on Coniston Water

"Watch where you're going, dad - you're in the way!"

Inflatable dinghy on Coniston Water

Not much room in here for two

Jumping off the jetty.jpg

Parkamoor jetty

Swimming in Coniston Water

"Is this the right way to Coniston?"

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